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Human Resource Management : [38]

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Recent Submissions

Issue Date Titile Author Publisher
2012-07-03 The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Human Resource Management Internet Untiled
2008-06-12 The nonprofit managers resource guide Internet Untiled
2012-08-03 The impact of Strategic HR Management on performance Internet Unknown
2009-05-21 The future of HR managementrar Internet Unknown
2009-02-12 Strategic HR Management Internet Unknown
2012-06-13 Strategic HM Internet Untiled
2012-03-21 Strategic Development of talent Internet Untiled
2012-02-21 Smart talent management Internet Unknown
2012-02-21 Routledge Companion - Strategic HR M Internet Unknown
2010-02-02 Prof. Career Guide Internet Unknown
2008-05-23 Roadmap to Strategic HR - Turning a Great Idea into a Business Reality 2006 Internet Unknown
2008-05-23 Reinventing HR Internet Unknown
2008-05-23 Navarro Big Picture MBA Internet Unknown
2012-06-13 Introduction to HRM Internet Unknown
2008-09-23 International Human Resource Management Internet Unknown
2008-04-03 Human Resource Management Internet Unknown
2008-04-12 Human Resource Management Internet Unknown
2012-06-21 Human resource management in Consulting Firms Internet Untiled
2008-06-12 Human Resource Management for Events Managing the event workforce Internet Unknown
2012-09-13 Changing Nature of Human Resource Management Internet Unknown
2008-08-12 Human Resource Management Internet Unknown
2010-10-02 HRM study manual Internet Unknown
2008-05-23 HRM - MBA -Fast Track Internet Unknown
2012-09-22 Human resource management Internet Unknown
2008-06-12 HR Strategyrar Internet Unknown
2008-08-21 HR Magazine Internet Unknown
2009-07-12 HR in Hospitality & tourism Internet Unknown
2012-08-13 HR Handbook -guide to Effective employee managment Internet Unknown
2008-08-12 HR Development Internet Unknown
2012-05-21 HR -A Critical Introduction Internet Unknown
2008-04-23 How to measure HRM Internet Unknown
2012-08-21 Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice Internet Unknown
2008-10-23 Essentials of HRM Internet Unknown
2012-05-13 Business Strategy focusing on HR Internet Untiled
2008-05-12 Amstrong -Resource_Management Internet Untiled
2012-04-03 Achieving Strategic Excellence An Assessment of Human Resource Organizations Internet Untiled
2008-05-12 2009-2014 outlook for HRM Internet Untiled
2012-05-13 The Four Elements of Successful Management Internet Untiled