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Decision making : [15]

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Recent Submissions

Issue Date Titile Author Publisher
2009-06-12 Tool box for effective decision making Internet Unknown
2009-03-22 Thinking Internet Unknown
2008-01-12 Strategic Decision Making Internet Untiled
2009-05-22 Social con. in legal decision making Internet Unknown
2008-02-12 Psychology Internet Unknown
2009-03-02 Koehler (2004) Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making Koehler Unknown
2009-04-23 Judgment misguided Internet Unknown
2008-06-22 Judgment & Decision making Internet Unknown
2008-03-12 Intuition Judgment Decision Making Decision Internet Unknown
2009-03-22 Intituition Judgment Deciision Making Internet Unknown
2009-04-12 Handbook of Decisin Making Internet Unknown
2010-06-13 Game Theory Internet Unknown
2008-07-12 Decision Making & Problem Solving Strategies (2007) John Adair Untiled
2010-02-22 Blackbell Handbook Blackbell Unknown
2008-07-22 Social Consciousness in Legal Decision Making Richard L. Wiener Unknown